Plain and laminated elastomeric bearings

How does WABO ELASTODEC E work?

WABO ELASTODEC E bearings are manufactured making use of materials complying with all regulations in force, in simple layers of rubber or with several layers separated by thin sheet metal. In reinforced bearings, vulcanized rubber sheets are used to protect the steel from corrosion and to convey horizontal forces from rubber to sheet metal. This steel sheet is smaller in size than bearing, in order to be encapsulated by the rubber, and their edges are finished in order to prevent cutting the rubber.

Where is WABO ELASTODEC E applied?

WABO ELASTODEC E elastomeric bearings are used as bearings in bridges and in other civil and industrial structures. Actually, they are capable of taking up and transferring forces from an element to another in the structure and placed vertical between sections act as to absorb seismic shock.

What are the advantages of WABO ELOSTODEC E?

  • Reduced thickness 
  • Easy installation
  • Maintenance-free 
  • Cost-effectiveness

Product Information

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