​BioClad - The world’s only antimicrobial PVC wall cladding

Safety, hygiene and durability, all essential requirements for hospitals, clinics, kitchens, public bathrooms and changing facilities, food and beverage manufacturing/processing, pharmaceutical production and other critical areas, can be compromised without the right wall systems. What may appear clean to the human eye, may harbor dangerous contaminants such as E Coli and MRSA.

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BioClad preformed PVC Sheet is a single skin uPVC sheet available in two grades: Antimicrobial white and pastel shades and hygienic Vivid Colors, both in a variety of sizes. A full range of accessories for welding, jointing and edge trims are available to complete the installation.

BioClad Antimicrobial sheets contain additives, incorporated within the panels at the time of manufacture, to provide continuous built-in antimicrobial protection for the expected lifetime of the product. The additives inhibit the growth of bacteria and mould and works continuously for the lifetime of the panels. BioClad sheets is an additional line of defence against the growth of MRSA, E. Coli, Salmonella and mould by up to 99.9%.

BioClad systems are manufactured by BioClad UK and are exclusively marketed and distributed in the UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Turkey by BASF Construction Chemicals.


Lifetime antimicrobial guaranteeProvides security and confidence to facility owners and users
Inhibits bacteria growth 24/7 for the lifetime of the productKills > 98% of MRSA and EColi within 2 hours of contact
HACCP approvedCertified for use in food preparation, processing and manufacturing
Biocide is certified by ECHA, FDA, EPA, and is BDR compliantGlobally tested and approved
Rapid installation & return to serviceReduces downtime costs and project delays
Can be applied over existing tiled surfaces Ideal for refurbishment projects
VOC freeVery low emissions and taint free   
International proven track recordProvides confidence to specifiers and designers
Essentially maintenance freeReduces lifetime costs

Easy to clean

Can be power washed ad resistant to all commercial cleaning solutions
Range of pastel colorsAesthetic and attractive
Hygienic Vivid range of bold colors Modern, clean, attractive design possibilities

Wide chemical resistance

Required for medical, healthcare and food production industries.

Fields of Application

White / Pastel Antimicrobial grade 
Hotel and Catering industries:Kitchens
Food processing
Public toilets and changing rooms
Hospitals, clinics and medical centers:Clean rooms
Operating theatres
Public toilets other areas
Schools, colleges, universities, fitness centers and similar:Changing rooms
Toilets and bathrooms
Washrooms and showers
Food and Beverage industries 
Pharmaceutical industries 
Vivid hygienic grade 
Hotel and Catering industries:Front-of-house reception, restaurant seating and other public areas
Retail and shopping malls 

Product range

Product Anti-microbial Impact resistance Kitchens, bathrooms Front of house
BioClad PVC sheets
White / Pastel
YesVery goodStrongly recommendedAs needed
BioClad PVC sheets
Vivid range
No (hygienic very easily cleaned)Very goodUse white or pastel gradesStrongly recommended
BioArmis sheets and corner guardsYesExcellent with added scratch / scuff resistanceStrongly recommendedAs needed

If you have any concerns about your facility or are currently designing or building a new project, please contact us for free consultation


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