​​​​MasterTop P 650 - A two-component solvent free epoxy surface sealer and primer


MasterTop P 650 is a high grade; low-viscosity, two-component epoxy primer and surface sealer. MasterTop P 650 is used as a sealer or scratch coat with, and without, the addition of quartz sand. 

Where is MasterTop P 650 applied?

MasterTop P 650 is suitable for the sealing of concrete surfaces, as well as for the filling of fissures and joints. To improve adhesion MasterTop P 650 is sprinkled with quartz sand while still wet to create a mechanical key for subsequent coatings. 

MasterTop P 650 may be mixed with sand to the desired consistency to repair patches or form covings. In either case the mixed mortar must be applied to a surface previously coated with MasterTop P 650 resin and whilst still tacky. 

Consult your BASF representative. Note: Refer to the Method Statement for Thin Section Epoxy Repairs if required using MasterTop P 650. ​

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