MasterTop TC 417W - A 2K-PU-top coat, water borne, non-solvented, elastic, UV-stable, matt, low emission, pigmented


MasterTop TC 417W is a water borne, nonsolvented, low emission, pigmented 2K-PU top coat which cure to a matt finish.

Where is MasterTop TC 417W applied?

MasterTop TC 417W is designed, for use as a wear resistant top coat on elastic polyurethane systems, i.e. MasterTop 1325, MasterTop 1325 R, MasterTop 1327 C, MasterTop 1327 FL, MasterTop WS 200 PU and Master-Top WS 300 PU.

What are the advantages of MasterTop TC 417W?

  • matt finish 
  • NMP, APEO, VOC, glycol- and solvent free
  • very low emission (according AgBB) 
  • abrasion resistant 
  • improves scratch and wear resistance 
  • UV- stable 
  • good adhesion to non-porous substrates 
  • low viscosity 
  • easy to clean an maintain 

Product Information

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MasterTop TC 417W_TDS

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