​MasterTop TC 424 - A ​matt finish floor sealer


MasterTop TC 424 is a matt finish for use with MasterTop Terrazzo flooring systems. ​

Where is MasterTop TC 424 applied?

  • Regular cleaning and re-sealing of the floor with MasterTop TC 424 achieves long finish durability. Old layers of MasterTop TC 424 can be removed with STRIPPING SOLUTION prior to new layers being installed Resistant to alcohol-based hand and floor disinfectants 
  • Provides a matt finish protective layer

What are the advantages of MasterTop TC 424?

  • The wear-resistant finish protects the floor surface and facilitates daily cleaning 
  • Responds very well to buffing; most traffic marks are easily removed by buffing 
  • The matt finish can be easily maintained with high speed single disc machines 
  • Slip-resistant (to ASTM D2047) 

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