MasterTop BC 325N - A 2K-PU coating, non-solvented, low emission, elastic, pigmented and sound absorbing, selflevelling


MasterTop BC 325N is a two component, nonsolvented and low emission, self-levelling floor coating which cures to a soft and elastic material with a hard wearing, easy to maintain surface and a tolerance to a wide range of cleaners and mild chemicals, once coated with the recommended MasterTop top coat. 

MasterTop BC 325N is supplied ready for use but can be further extended (except for REG systems) with oven dried silica sand, 0.1 – 0.3 mm, at a ratio of 100 parts by weight MasterTop BC 325N to 30 parts by weight sand. The floor coating must be coated with a pigmented top coat (i.e. MasterTop TC 465 or MasterTop TC 407W pigmented) to avoid a yellowness. 

Where is MasterTop BC 325N applied?

MasterTop BC 325N is used as a body coat and forms the basis of the comfort series of floor coating systems MasterTop 1325 and MasterTop 1325 REG which find use in applications such as: 

  • Hospitals and elderly people homes 
  • Schools 
  • Libraries 
  • Offices 
  • Cafeterias and canteens 
  • Shops and supermarkets

What are the advantages of MasterTop BC 325N?

  • low emission according to AgBB 
  • soft, elastic 
  • high degree of walking comfort 
  • sound absorbing 
  • hard wearing 
  • crack bridging 
  • easy to apply 
  • excellent self-levelling properties 
  • can be applied to asphalt and other 
  • substrates 

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MasterTop BC 325N_TDS

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