​MasterTop 500 - A mortar bonding agent for bonded screeds and cementitious mortars​


MasterTop 500 is a mortar bonding agent for bonding screeds and cementitious mortars. For indoor and outdoor use.​

Where is MasterTop 500 applied?

MasterTop 500 is recommended for: 

  • indoor and outdoor use 
  • for walls and floors 
  • ​bonding agent for repair mortar, ready-to-mix mortar for fast-track screeds, drain and screed-mortar and sand-cement mortar 
  • Bonding agent for the installation of fast setting screeds based on binder as well as for conventional cement screeds. 
  • Bonding agent for the production of bonded coverings in industrial and commercial areas an also for sloping screeds on balconies and terraces. 
  • Bonding agent for natural stone ​

What are the advantages of MasterTop 500?

  • Highly secure bonding. Following the appropriate preparation of the substrate, a powerful bond is formed between the cementbased substrate and the conventional cement screeds. 
  • Waterproof and frost resistant, suitable for universal internal and external use.​

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