MasterSeal 740WSF - Environment friendly water blown spray applied polyurethane foam for thermal insulation

What is MasterSeal 740WSF?

MasterSeal 740WSF formulated polyol is a lowdensity spray polyurethane semi-rigid foam system designed with all-water as blowing agent. Excellent operationality, mechanical properties, good fire behavior, very low density and low thermal conductivity are the main features when it reacts with specially formulated isocyanate for the formulation. This system is quickly solidified by spraying. As with any product, the use of the MasterSeal 740WSF formulated polyol in a given application must be tested (including field testing, etc.) in advance by the user to determine suitability. 

What is MasterSeal 740WSF used for?

It is widely used in the insulation markets, such as industry building, storage tanks and house etc.

What are the benefits of MasterSeal 740WSF?

  • Environment friendly
  • Does not contain blowing agent (CFC & HCFC free)

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