MasterSeal 730ST - A SBS elastomeric bitumen-based waterproofing torch-applied membrane with non-woven polyester felt reinforcement

What is MasterSeal 730ST?

MasterSeal 730ST is elastomeric modifiedbitumen waterproofing torch-applied membrane, SBS polymers ensure extraordinary flexibility along with great resistance against atmospheric agents and long lasting durability at environment temperature down to -25°C. 

Where is MasterSeal 730ST bitumen-based waterproofing torch-applied membrane applied?

  • Ideal for general use in the waterproofing of all concrete surfaces such as foundations, basement tanking and roofs. 
  • Ideal for dress pile caps, tie beams and for the waterproofing of rafts.
  • Easily workable around contours and protrusions. 
  • Spun-bound polyester cores provides good tensile strength, toughness, elongation and puncture resistance.
  • Capable of accommodating stresses caused by typical roof expansion and contraction cycles. 

What are the advantages of a MasterSeal 730ST  elastomeric bitumen-based waterproofing torch-applied membrane with non-woven polyester felt reinforcement?

  • Great stability in extremely low temperatures, ideal for applying in winter
  • Great elasticity and elongation
  • Very good resistance to ageing
  • Excellent adherence 
  • Ideal for deck roofs with oscillating movements 

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