MasterRoc MP 303 CE - Low viscosity, fast reacting acrylic resin with adjustable reaction speed for permanent water sealing and layer curtaining of concrete and masonry 

How does MasterRoc MP 303 CE, a two component acrylic sealing resin, work?

MasterRoc MP 303 CE is a highly reactive two component acrylic sealing resin with a low viscosity for good penetration. The product cures quickly, forming a highly flexible hydrogel with excellent swelling/re-swelling properties. 

Where is MasterRoc MP 303 CE fast reacting acrylic resin applied?

  • Concrete repair – swelling fitted filling of cracks and fissures (EN 1504-5: category S) 
  • Curtain injection
  • Permanent water sealing of tunnel and shaft concrete linings and masonry
  • Stopping of minor water inrush through cracks

What are the advantages of a MasterRoc MP 303 CE?

  • Upon curing forms a highly flexible compact resin with good adhesion properties even on damp or wet surfaces. 
  • The cured resin is resistant to acidic and alkaline solutions as well as many other solvents. 
  • Can swell to more than 200% of its initial volume, accommodating structural and ground movement. The swelling is reversible and after dry periods the resin maintains its self-healing properties. 
  • Good bond strength to fractured rock and concrete, even under wet conditions. 
  • Very low viscosity (close to water) allows deep penetration at low pressure into very fine cracks or fissures and long flow paths. 
  • Controlled gel time between 14 seconds and 3 minutes at 20°C. With the retarder the gel time can be prolonged to more than 40 minutes. 
  • Environmentally friendly: Harmless in contact with groundwater and no emission of dangerous substances. 

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