MasterRoc FP 1350 - A cementitious based passive fire protection barrier for underground structures 

How does MasterRoc FP 1350 work?

MasterRoc FP 350 is a specially formulated and patent applied cementitious based, high strength mortar for fire protection of both existing and newbuild underground concrete structures, preventing the need for extensive and costly structural repairs to underground support structures. 

MasterRoc FP 1350 is available for sprayed application using wet mix sprayed concrete equipment. It can be hand sprayed or applied by robotic manipulator. 

MasterRoc FP 1350 consists of mineral/organic main components: Portland cement, water, admixtures and accelerator. All of the product components are environmentally favourable, with none of the components being more harmful than the cement. 

Where can MasterRoc FP 1350 be applied?

  • Existing plain and reinforced concrete and masonry lined tunnels 
  • New build tunnel linings, including: o pre-cast concrete linings o cast in-situ concrete linings o sprayed concrete linings
  • Insulating polyethylene sheets for frost free water drainage in cold climate tunnels 
  • Underground facilitie

What are the advantages of MasterRoc FP 1350?

MasterRoc FP 1350 has been successfully fire tested under many fire load scenarios. With its high insulation properties, and being spray applied, it can be applied in relatively thin layers. The required level of protection and thickness can be simulated by specially developed software. Please contact your local representative. 

MasterRoc FP 1350 offers the following project benefits: 

  • Relatively high compressive strength in comparison to conventional fire protection mortars/plasters 
  • Applied to the design thickness in one application layer 
  • Fast application rates 
  • Can be used as a fully bonded system, or in combination with steel mesh reinforcement 
  • Durable during service life of structure and not affected by moisture or water ingress 
  • Easy to repair 
  • No toxic products emitted during tunnel fires, conforms to latest European requirements. 
  • Maintenance inspection of the structural lining is made possible when it is applied as fully bonded solution 

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