​MasterRoc AGA 155

Plasticising admixture with set retarding properties for use in annular grout mixes for TBM tunneling 


MasterRoc AGA 155 is a powerful liquid plasticizer which disperses and deflocculates cement particles whilst delaying the hydration process, thereby retarding the initial and final set. It can be used to improve workability without the addition of extra water, or to allow reductions in the free water content. Due to improved dispersion of the cement particles the process of hydration proceeds under the optimum conditions, leading to improved strength characteristics with or without reduction in free water. 

Where is MasterRoc AGA 155 applied?

  • High flow, low cement content, high W/C ratio annular grout mixes for TBM tunneling. 
  • Hot weather applications of grout where control of initial and final set is important. 
  • Retarded mortar mixes (also in combination with MasterCast 910)

What are the advantages of MasterRoc AGA 155?

Setting control of annular grout mixes for injection behind segmental tunnel linings. MasterRoc AGA 155 is designed for use in one or two component grouting systems and is compatible with accelerators such as MasterRoc AGA 370. 

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