MasterRoc TIX 10 – Shrinkage compensated thixotropic grout for rock dowels

What is MasterRoc TIX 10?

MasterRoc TIX 10 is a shrinkage compensated grout for the encapsulation of fully bonded rock dowels in both underground and above ground applications.

Where would you use MasterRoc TIX 10?

MasterRoc TIX 10 is specifically formulated for use in overhead and inclined holes. The product rheology is suitable for pumping but will remain in the hole after placing.

MasterRoc TIX 10 has been formulated for use in both temporary and permanent applications.

Which are the main benefits of MasterRoc TIX 10?

  • High bond to steel.
  • Positive Expansion
  • Pumpable
  • Predictable Performance
  • High early and ultimate strength ensures the permanence and safety of critical installations.
  • Extended working time to enable multiple holes to be grouted with ease. 

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