MasterRheobuild 1SP - High range water reducing superplasticising admixture for the production of rheoplastic concrete

What is MasterRheobuild 1SP?

MasterRheobuild 1SP is a liquid admixture for concrete based on sulphonated naphthalene. The product may be used to effect substantial water reductions or to produce rheoplastic concrete with normal setting times.

What is MasterRheobuild 1SP used for?

MasterRheobuild 1SP primarily uses are:

  • Production of rheoplastic self compacting concrete
  • Precast concrete
  • Low water/cement ratio concrete
  • In complicated formwork or with congested reinforcement

 Which are the main advatages of MasterRheobuild 1SP?

 MasterRheobuild 1SP offers the following benefits:

  • Powerful plasticising action reduces or eliminates the need for compaction
  • Concretes of similar workability can be produced with 20-30% less water
  •  Increased compressive, tensile and flexural strength can be achieved as a benefit of its water reducing properties
  • High early strengths can significantly increase mould utilisation in precast works

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