​MasterRheobuild 601 is a high range water reducing / superplasticising concrete admixture 

How does MasterRheobuild 601 work?

MasterRheobuild 601 is a high range, high performance superplasticiser and water reducing agent. MasterRheobuild 601 disperses and deflocculates cement particles thereby increasing the workability and flowability of the concrete mixes. 

W​hat is MasterRheobuild 601 used for?

MasterRheobuild 601 is formulated for use by commercial ready-mix operators, who can benefit from its multiple role characteristics. 

  • In areas of congested reinforcement where high workability will ease placement and compaction. 
  • Hot weather concreting where extension of workability and controlled delays to initial set are beneficial. 
  • To effect reductions in the water cement ratio enabling either higher strength or cement economy. 

What are the advantages of MasterRheobuild 601?

  • Effective over high range of cement contents and types. 
  • Improves pumpability, durability and impermeability. 
  • Extended slump retention time - maintains workability in excess of concrete produced utilising conventional superplasticisers 
  • Reduces placing problems in hot weather by improved workability retention in conjunction with controlled setting times. ​

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