MasterRheobuild - High-range water-reducing admixtures with rheoplastic properties for a flowable concrete with a low water/cement ratio.

How does MasterRheobuild low permeability concrete solutions work?

MasterRheobuild admixtures provide superior cement dispersion allowing for the production of flowable concrete with a low water/cement ratio. These specially formulated high-range water-reducing admixtures impart rheoplastic qualities to concrete that improve the placement of fresh concrete for enhanced production efficiency. This technology can be used in concrete mixes that require higher levels of fluidity and early strengths.

What makes MasterRheobuild a unique solution for customers?

MasterRheobuild products have unique water-reducing properties and allow the development of fluid mixes with low permeability performance. Lower permeability minimizes water absorption and chloride ingress. The result is a more durable structure with increased service life.

MasterRheobuild benefits:

  • Shortened placement time reducing labor requirements
  • Lower permeability that increases strength and improves durability
  • Reduces segregation even at higher levels of workability

MasterRheobuild Products

MasterRheobuild 1100

MasterRheobuild 1100AE

MasterRheobuild 1SP

MasterRheobuild 2000PF

MasterRheobuild 3015

MasterRheobuild 561M

MasterRheobuild 600UN

MasterRheobuild 601

MasterRheobuild 805

MasterRheobuild 845

MasterRheobuild 850

MasterRheobuild 856

MasterRheobuild 857

MasterRheobuild 857AD

MasterRheobuild 857AE

MasterRheobuild 857K

High range water reducing superplasticiser

MasterRheobuild 857Q

MasterRheobuild 857S

MasterRheobuild 857T

MasterRheobuild 858

MasterRheobuild 858C

MasterRheobuild 858KW

MasterRheobuild RMC 80

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