​​MasterPolyheed 3535 - Superplasticizer for the production of high quality backfilling grouts with exceptional workability retention for TBM tunnels ​​

​​What is ​MasterPolyheed 3535 used for?

MasterPolyheed 3535 is a high performance admixture, mainly for use in the annular grouting behind the concrete lining of a Tunnel Boring Machine. At the start of the mixing process the presence of polymeric lateral chains, linked to the polymer backbone of the admixture, generate a steric hindrance which stabilises the hydraulic particles capacity to separate and disperse. ​

​Where can MasterPolyheed 3535​ be applied?

MasterPolyheed 3535 is used for the production of high quality grouts

What are the advantages of MasterPolyheed 3535​?

  • Production of grouts with low water cement ratios with excellent workability retention properties
  • Improves the pumping property, especially with coarse, angular or poorly graded sands and aggregates. ​

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