MasterLife SRA 21 - High performance shrinkage reducing agent

What is MasterLife SRA 21?

MasterLife SRA 21 is a ready to use liquid admixture formulated to greatly reduce the drying shrinkage of any concrete.

What is MasterLife SRA 21 used for?

MasterLife SRA 21 is recommended for all types of concrete where a reduction in drying shrinkage is required. Examples include:

  • Slab-on-ground concrete
  • Concrete structures subject to marine and/or chemical environments
  • Industrial pavements
  • Pre-stressed elements
  • Tunnel linings
  • Bridge girders
  • Watertight and water retaining structures
  • Concrete pipes
  • Manufactured concrete products

Which are its main advantages?

The benefits derived from the reduction in drying shrinkage include:

  • Dramatic reduction in crack occurrence caused by drying shrinkage
  • Increased joint spacing in concrete pavements and slab-on-ground
  • Improved concrete durability
  • Longer service life

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MasterLife SRA 21 (Tetraguard AS21)_TDS

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