​MasterInject 1320 - Single component polyurethane injection resin for sealing of cracks in concrete


How does MasterInject 1320 work?

MasterInject 1320 is a single component hydrophilic injection resin which forms an impermeable flexible seal when injected into cracks in concrete. 

Where is MasterInject 1320 applied?

  • Permanent crack sealing of below ground structures such as tunnels, shafts, basements and underpasses.
  • Stopping of minor water seepage.
  • Can be injected after MasterInject 1335 in cracks where higher water flows occur.
  • Single use injection through MasterSeal 909 injection hoses

What are the advantages of MasterInject 1320?

  • MasterInject 1320 is based on a moisture curing MDI Isocyanate and does not require the addition of a "reactor" to activate the material
  • The product cures to form a flexible and impermeable seal where further limited movement of the concrete is anticipated
  • It reacts under wet / damp conditions and foams upon contact with water
  • Good bonding to damp / wet surfaces
  • Permanent sealing effect
  • Low viscosity – allows penetration of fine cracks
  • Does not contain toxic TDI Isocyanate
  • Has a low shrinkage compared to standard TDI based injection sealing products

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