MasterGlenium SKY 504M - A latest generation high-performance polycarboxylate ether (PCE) superplasticizer for the Readymix industry with extended workability retention

What is MasterGlenium SKY 504M?

MasterGlenium SKY 504M consists of a blend of innovative patented latest generation modified polycarboxylate ether polymers. This allows MasterGlenium SKY 504M to firstly give a high level of water reduction and secondly extended workability retention up to several hours. MasterGlenium SKY 504M contains polymers specially designed to improve rheology of concrete, making it flowable and less viscous even at very low water/cement ratios. Robustness is a distinct feature of concrete produced with MasterGlenium SKY 504M.

What is MasterGlenium SKY 504M used for?

MasterGlenium SKY 504M is suitable for producing highly-fluid concrete for various applications were concrete remains stable without segregation or bleed at low water cement ratios with high ultimate strength. MasterGlenium SKY 504M may be used in combination with MasterMatrix 110 to improve mix stability such as when producing Self Compacting Concrete (SCC) that is placed without the use of vibration giving economic, ecological and ergonomic concrete production

What are the benefits of MasterGlenium SKY 504M?

The ready-mix producer: 
• Capability of delivering high performance concrete to the job site. 
• Production of concrete with low water cement ratios with excellent workability retention properties. 
• Single product for many application needs. 
The contractor / applicator:
• Easier placing and faster strength development. 
• Extended working live for mass concrete of were placing is slow or delayed.
 • Improved concrete surfaces finish.
The engineer: 
• Insurance that concrete meets original specification. 
• High quality durable concrete.

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