​MasterFlow 920 ANS - Epoxy acrylate (styrene-free) resin based high performance anchoring grout​

How does MasterFlow 920 ANS work?

MasterFlow 920 ANS is a two component epoxy acrylate resin based high performance anchoring grout. It is a styrene-free system with very low voc content offering very high performance in both cracked and uncracked concrete, MasterFlow 920 ANS is having extended gel and cure time for tropical temperatures. ​

Where can MasterFlow 920 ANS be applied?

  • Structural applications in cracked and non cracked concrete 
  • Reinforcing & starter bars 
  • Suspended ventilation systems 
  • Safety barriers 
  • Machinery & heavy machinery 
  • Racking 
  • Rolling cranes 

What are the advantages of MasterFlow 920 ANS?


  • Anchors may be placed close to free edges 
  • Suitable for dry, wet & flooded holes 
  • Reduced drilling diameters i.e. M20 only requires a 22mm hole and M24 requires only a 26mm hole making it an economical injection system 
  • Variable embedment depths 
  • Ratio of 10:1 ​

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