MasterEmaco S 443 - A single component, micro concrete, based upon applied Nanotechnology especially designed for cast repairs to corrosion damaged concrete.

How does MasterEmaco S 443 work?

MasterEmaco S 443 is a combination of Portland cement, well graded sands, aggregates and special additives to reduce the possibility of shrinkage cracks and to improve physical, and installation properties.

When mixed with water MasterEmaco S 443 produces a flowable micro concrete ideally suited to cast/poured applications.

Where is MasterEmaco S 443 applied?

Large volume repairs, to all structural elements within:

  • Oil gas and petrochemical foundations, supports and retaining walls.
  •  Jetties piles, harbour walls and other marine structures.
  •  Columns, Piers and cross beams on highway structures.
  • Water production, treatment, intake and outfall structures and sewerage facilities.
  • Tunnels, pipes and other below ground construction.
  • Cooling towers and chimneys and other industrial environments.
  •  Beams, colum

What are the advantages of MasterEmaco S 443?

  • Improved cement hydration, reduced micro defects and drying shrinkage better bond using applied Nanotechnology
  • Dimensional stable repairs, low permeability and enhanced durability through synergistic shrinkage control systems and best binder models
  •  High modulus ensuring transfer of loads to parent concrete
  • Reduced installation time, easy mixing, and placing of repairs with excellent flow characteristics

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