​MasterEmaco P 210 - Acrylic bonding agent & curing aid


How does MasterEmaco P 210 work?

MasterEmaco P 210 is a single component white emulsion of milky appearance, based upon modified acrylic resins. It is formulated for use as a bonding agent for cementitious mortars. 
MasterEmaco P 210 may be used in external or internal applications, but for permanently wet or submerged service conditions the use of MasterCast 141 in a cement bonding slurry is suggested as preferable.

Where is MasterEmaco P 210 applied?

MasterEmaco P 210 is formulated for use as the primer for MasterEmaco repair mortar and is especially recommended for vertical and overhead applications. It is also recommended as a curing aid, to reduce the incidence of early age cracking in patch repairs. It is only effective if applied immediately finishing is complete and when the repaired area is protected from drying winds.

What are the advantages of MasterEmaco P 210?

The product is ready to use, has exceptional grab characteristics and develops a tenacious bond of the new mortar to the host concrete.

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