MasterCast 779 - Polycarboxylate ether based plasticizer for Manufactured Concrete Products


How does MasterCast 779 work?

MasterCast 779 is an innovative multi-purpose plasticizer based on polycarboxylate ether polymers specially developed for semi-dry concrete mixes. The product is suitable for the production of blocks and pavers. At the same time, MasterCast 779 accelerates the strength development and reduces the cycle time whilst the appearance is maintained or even improved.

What is MasterCast 779 used for?

MasterCast 779 is suitable for Manufacturing Concrete Products, especially pavers and blocks.

What are the benefits of MasterCast 779?

MasterCast 779 offers the following benefits for the MCP industry:

  • Optimised mix design
  • Enhanced productivity due to shorter cycle time
  • Higher early strength
  • Optimised curing cycles due to shorter curing times

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