MasterCast 762 A block-admixture for improving concrete


How does MasterCast 762 work?

MasterCast 762 is a plasticiser liquid admixture with air entraining properties. It assists in the manufacture of a more uniform and predictable concrete.

MasterCast 762 meets the requirements of:

EN 934-2 Table 2

What is MasterCast 762 used for?

Designed for use in no-slump concrete, MasterCast 762 is ideally suited for factory-line concrete production such as block making.

What are the benefits of MasterCast 762?

MasterCast 762 main advantages are:

  • Less wear of moulds.
  • Improved structure.
  • Improved cohesion.
  • Reduced water absorption.
  • Increased strength.
  • Applicable for all Portland and Slag cements.
  • Reduced efflorescence.

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