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The BASF Construction Chemicals division offers advanced chemicals solutions for new construction, maintenance, repair and renovation of structures.

BASF offers a comprehensive portfolio. Click on the segments below to learn more about the Master Builders Solutions products.


Our Segments and Products

Admixtures for Concrete

MasterAir - Complete solutions for air entrained concrete

MasterCast – Solutions for the manufactured concrete product industry

MasterCell - Density reducing admixtures

MasterEase – Solutions for low viscosity concrete

MasterFiber Comprehensive solutions for fiber reinforced concrete

MasterFinish – Solutions for formwork treatment

MasterGleniumHyperplasticizer formulated from state-of-the-art polymers for ultimate performance

MasterKure – Solutions for concrete curing

MasterLife – Solutions for enhanced durability

MasterMatrix – Advanced rheology control solutions

MasterPolyheedHigh-performance superplasticizer

MasterPozzolith – Solutions for water-reduced concrete

MasterRheobuild – Superplasticizer for concrete

MasterSet – Solutions for set control

Master X-Seed - Advanced accelerator solutions for concrete

Green Sense Concrete Technology - Quantified solutions for sustainable concrete

Cement Additives

MasterCem - Solutions for cement manufacture

Expansion Control Systems

Watson Bowman Acme - Expansion control systems and bearings

Performance Flooring Solutions

MasterTop – Solutions for industrial and commercial floors

Ucrete – Flooring solutions for harsh environments

Performance Grouts

MasterFlow – Cementitious and resin grouts for general purpose and precision grouting and also for anchoring

Repair and Protection Systems

MasterBrace – Composite strengthening system to restore damaged concrete to its original load bearing capacity, and can increase its strength and structural performance

MasterEmaco – Primers, repair mortars and fairing coats  to regain the structure's original strength and durability and also to protect against corrosion

MasterInject - Injection resins to fill and seal cracks and voids, re-establishing the structural integrity and protecting against further deterioration

MasterProtect – Water repellents, anti-carbonation and chemical resistant coating systems for protecting the concrete against the ingress of any contaminant

Tiling Solutions

MasterTile – Solutions for tiling systems

Underground Construction Solutions

MasterRoc – Solutions for underground construction

Wall Systems

Enershield - Air / Water resistive barriers

Senergy - Exterior Insulation Wall Systems

Watson Bowman Acme (WABO) - Bridge and architectural expansion joints, bearings and parking structures

Waterproofing Systems and Sealants

MasterSeal – Solutions for waterproofing and sealing 


BASF Protection products 

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