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MasterGlenium SKY 504AE_TDS

MasterGlenium ® SKY 504AE A latest generation high-performance polycarboxylate ether (PCE) superplasticizer for the Readymix industry when extended workability retention is ...

  • pdf, 274.61 Kb

BioClad PVC Sheet and Accessories_TDS

Antimicrobial and Hygienic, preformed, PVC sheets ... A full range of accessories for welding, jointing and edge trims are available to complete the installation ... UK - BS 476 Class 1/0 ...

  • pdf, 1,005.45 Kb

BioClad Adhesive_TDS

High strength, multi-purpose, two component polyurethane adhesive ... It has been fully tested and approved for use with BIOCLAD Antimicrobial and hygienic PVC sheets ...

  • pdf, 997.50 Kb

MasterLife SRA 21 (Tetraguard AS21)_TDS

MasterLife ® SRA 21 (Formerly known as Tetraguard AS 21) High performance shrinkage reducing agent DESCRIPTION MasterLife SRA 21 is a ready to use liquid admixture formulated ...

  • pdf, 117.06 Kb

MasterTop 541_TDS

MasterTop ® 541 Fast setting screed mortar – ready blended for fast track cementitious screeds and bedding mortar for natural stone paving and tiles DESCRIPTION A ready-mixed ...

  • pdf, 198.98 Kb

MasterTop 1740_TDS

MasterTop ® 1740 Multi component vapour permeable epoxy screed and repair compound DESCRIPTION MasterTop 1740 is a multi component floor screed system based on water ...

  • pdf, 124.81 Kb

MasterTop 1325AB_TDS

MasterTop ® 1325AB A decorative, seamless, self-smoothing, flexible polyurethane flooring system designed to produce a comfortable floor with an even satin-mat finish enhanced ...

  • pdf, 123.06 Kb

MasterTop 1270 AS_TDS

A medium to heavy duty anti-static, self smoothing 1.5-2.0mm epoxy overlay system designed to provide a conductive flooring substrate that eliminates the potential build-up of ...

  • pdf, 168.43 Kb

MasterSeal 751TPEF_TDS

Synthetic membrane of TPO with non-woven felt backing ... MasterSeal 751TPEF synthetic liner of TPO modified polyolefin, by inserting polyester mesh reinforcement and 200 g/m² ...

  • pdf, 563.25 Kb

MasterSeal 122_TDS

MasterSeal 122 is a versatile, neutral cure silicone sealant, having exceptional bond to most surfaces without primer ... It is virtually odorless during cure ... Rate of cure (25°C 50% RH ...

  • pdf, 575.55 Kb

MasterSeal 955 FLASHSEAL_TDS

All purpose, self-adhesive, instant waterproofing and repair tape ... MasterSeal 955 FLASHSEAL is a high grade, cold applied, self-adhesive, waterproof bitumen tape based on ...

  • pdf, 580.42 Kb

MasterSeal 948_TDS

MasterSeal 948 is a galvanized steel sheet characterized by the presence of holes drilled every 25mm ... MasterSeal 948 is used for the mechanical fastening of PVC and TPO ...

  • pdf, 565.76 Kb

MasterRoc BSG 1_TDS

MasterRoc ® BSG 1 Main Bearing Sealing Grease (Excluder Grease) for Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM) DESCRIPTION MasterRoc BSG 1 is an excluder grease for tunnel boring machines ...

  • pdf, 85.68 Kb

MasterRoc SA 160_TDS

Alkali-free, liquid high performance set accelerator for sprayed concrete ... • Temporary and permanent ground support in tunneling and mining ... MasterRoc SA 160 is supplied in 210 litre ...

  • pdf, 571.40 Kb

MasterRheobuild 857AE_TDS

High range, water reducing superplasticiser for concretes containing GGBS and microsilica ... MasterRheobuild 857AE is formulated from synthetic polymers specially designed to impart ...

  • pdf, 561.80 Kb

MasterGlenium 120_TDS

Polycarboxylic ether based superplasticizer for the production of high quality ready-mix concrete ... MasterGlenium 120 is an innovative second generation superplasticizer based on ...

  • pdf, 560.71 Kb

MasterGlenium 121_TDS

Polycarboxylic ether based superplasticizer for the production of high quality ready-mix concrete ... is an innovative latest generation superplasticizer based on polycarboxylic ether ...

  • pdf, 560.64 Kb

MasterFlow 915 RTA_TDS

MasterFlow ® 915 RTA (Formerly known as MasterSeal 915 RTA) High strength thixotropic epoxy bedding mortar for Rubber Expansion Joints DESCRIPTION MasterFlow 915 RTA is a ...

  • pdf, 194.53 Kb

MasterFlow 190_TDS

Shrinkage compensated fluid grout for cables and anchors ... is a shrinkage compensated pre-bagged powder requiring only the addition of water to produce a fluid and high ultimate ...

  • pdf, 579.60 Kb

Masterflow 520_TDS

High strength, non shrink cementitious construction grout ... MasterFlow 520 is a ready to use product in powder form, which requires only the on-site addition of water to produce a ...

  • pdf, 563.37 Kb
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