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MasterSeal TC 257 TDS

MasterSeal ® TC 257 Two component polyurethane UV-resistant protective traffic coating DESCRIPTION MasterSeal TC 257 is a two-component hardwearing pigmented aliphatic ...

  • pdf, 273.87 Kb

MasterSeal 720PB_TDS

MasterSeal ® 720PB Glass fibre impregnated bituminous protection boards DESCRIPTION MasterSeal 720PB is a tough semi-flexible preformed Protection Board composed of ...

  • pdf, 283.87 Kb

Technical Marketing Bulletin - MasterSeal M 811

fast reacting application to vertical surface without runs easy application to complicated details fast installation monolithic – no laps, welds or seams fully bonded high ...

  • pdf, 490.05 Kb

MasterCast 141_TDS

MasterCast ® 141 High performance, styrene butadiene (SBR), latex emulsion for improving cement based mortars DESCRIPTION MasterCast 141 is a white liquid (SBR ...

  • pdf, 288.63 Kb

MasterKure 101W_TDS

MasterKure ® 101W Acrylic resin water based multi-role curing and sealing compound for concrete DESCRIPTION MasterKure 101W is a solvent free nondegrading, membrane-forming ...

  • pdf, 280.12 Kb

MasterFlame PW 2252_TDS

MasterFlame PW 2252 is an intumescent pipe wrapping material, based on elastomeric thermoplastic polymers combined with active components available as a 25m x 40mm roll ...

  • pdf, 565.58 Kb

MasterFlame PI 2502_TDS

MasterFlame PI 2502 is a waterproof glass cloth bag containing organic fillers and intumescent additives ... It is used to create a temporary or permanent fire barrier around all types ...

  • pdf, 561.89 Kb

MasterFlame PC 2350_TDS

MasterFlame PC 2350 is a steel collar containing thermoplastic composite based on graphite intumescent technology that expands during fire and provides high-volume expansion ...

  • pdf, 560.46 Kb

MasterFlame MO 700_TDS

MasterFlame MO 700 is a gypsum based mortar, used to reinstate the fire resistance performance of floor constructions where they have been provided with openings for the ...

  • pdf, 583.69 Kb

MasterFlame JS 225_TDS

MasterFlame JS 225 is a graphite based intumescent firestop sealant which when exposed to fire strongly expands protecting penetrations including cables, cable bunches, cable ...

  • pdf, 562.44 Kb

MasterFlame JS 125_TDS

MasterFlame JS 125 is a one-part neutral curing fire resistant silicone sealant ... It has good adhesion to porous and non-porous substrates used in the construction industry and ...

  • pdf, 569.11 Kb

MasterFlame JS 110_TDS

MasterFlame ® JS 110 (Formerly known as MasterSeal FP 110 ... MasterFlame JS 110 is a single component acrylic based joint sealant ... It is designed to resist the passage of fire, smoke ...

  • pdf, 567.71 Kb

MasterFlame C 3005_TDS

MasterFlame C 3005 is a water based elastomeric acrylic coating ... MasterFlame C 3005 has excellent firestop, water, air permeability and elastomeric properties offering upto 50 ...

  • pdf, 562.63 Kb

MasterFlame C 3000_TDS

MasterFlame C 3000 is a water based acrylic ablative coating, having excellent firestop properties ... At normal temperatures, MasterFlame C 3000 coating remains flexible to permit ...

  • pdf, 560.52 Kb

MasterFlame C 3000CA_TDS

MasterFlame C 3000CA is a water based ablative coating especially developed for the fire protection of grouped or bundled electrical cables and for cable penetration seals ...

  • pdf, 615.71 Kb

MasterFlame B 302_TDS

MasterFlame B 302 is a pre-coated firestop board which consists of a stone fibre core (density >140kg/m³) coated with MasterFlame C 3000 on both sides ... MasterFlame B 302 has a shelf ...

  • pdf, 558.71 Kb

MasterPolyheed 3533_TDS

MasterPolyheed ® 3533 Next generation superplasticizer for the production of high quality ready-mix concrete with low water cement ratio and enhanced rheology DESCRIPTION ...

  • pdf, 272.81 Kb

MasterGlenium 119_TDS

Polycarboxylic ether based superplasticizer for the production of high quality ready-mix concrete ... MasterGlenium 119 is an innovative second generation superplasticizer based on ...

  • pdf, 561.46 Kb

MasterGlenium 119S_TDS

MasterGlenium ® 119S Polycarboxylic ether based superplasticizer for the production of high quality ready-mix concrete DESCRIPTION MasterGlenium 119S is an innovative latest ...

  • pdf, 273.22 Kb

MasterGlenium SKY 504S

MasterGlenium ® SKY 504S A latest generation high-performance polycarboxylate ether (PCE) superplasticizer for the Readymix industry when extended workability retention is ...

  • pdf, 246.71 Kb
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