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MasterTile 434_TDS

MasterTile ® 434 A high performance single component latex polymer modified tile adhesive AREAS OF APPLICATION ... For laying ceramic tiles, porcelain and glass mosaics, brick tiles ...

  • pdf, 79.82 Kb

MasterSeal GG 470_TDS

MasterSeal ® GG 470 High performance, elastomeric joint sealant, (Gun Grade) DESCRIPTION MasterSeal GG 470 is a high grade, polysulphide based sealant possessing outstanding ...

  • pdf, 222.74 Kb


Shared Documents/PDF/English (Middle East)/MasterFlow Anchor Grouts Software/BASF.MasterFlow.Anchor.Grouts.Software.zip

  • zip, 80.49 Mb


MasterSeal ® 723ST SBS elastomeric bitumen-based torch-applied waterpr oofing membrane with non-woven polyester reinforcement DESCRIPTION MasterSeal 723ST is an elastomeric ...

  • pdf, 236.86 Kb

MasterSeal 940_TDS

MasterSeal ® 940 Internally and externally placed PVC Waterstops DESCRIPTION MasterSeal 940 is a range of internally placed and externally placed PVC Waterstops extruded from ...

  • pdf, 601.26 Kb

Brochure MasterTile Tiling

Ceramic and Natural Stone Tiling Solutions A comprehensive guide to their selection and successful installation Contents 03 _ Introduction 04 _ Adhesive selector by type 05 ...

  • pdf, 2.47 Mb


MasterKure ® 111 Evaporation retardant and finishing aid DESCRIPTION MasterKure 111 evaporation retardant helps produce high quality, concrete (slab) and reduces surface ...

  • pdf, 236.40 Kb

MasterTile WP Tape_TDS

MasterTile ® WP Tape Object 120mm x 50m Sealing Tape 200mm x 50m and 100mm x 50m Gasket 42.5cm x 42.5cm and 10cm x 10cm Special waterproofing tapes / gasket systems for ...

  • pdf, 411.71 Kb

MasterGlenium SKY 504AE_TDS

MasterGlenium ® SKY 504AE A latest generation high-performance polycarboxylate ether (PCE) superplasticizer for the Readymix industry when extended workability retention is ...

  • pdf, 238.07 Kb

MasterTile P 302_TDS

MasterTile ® P 302 Solvent-free modified resin dispersion wash primer / protective primer for walls and floor DESCRIPTION MasterTile P 302 is a multi-purpose, acrylic ...

  • pdf, 278.62 Kb

MasterSeal 750TPE_TDS

MasterSeal ® 750TPE Synthetic membrane of TPO DESCRIPTION MasterSeal 750TPE synthetic membrane of TPO modified polyolefin, in two-colour version (sand grey/black), obtained by ...

  • pdf, 236.14 Kb

MasterSeal 750TPE Energy_TDS

MasterSeal ® 750TPE Energy Synthetic membrane of TPO with high solar reflection index (SRI) DESCRIPTION MasterSeal 750TPE Energy is a modified polyolefin TPO synthetic ...

  • pdf, 235.14 Kb

MasterLife - Solutions for durable concrete

1MasterLife Solutions for durable concrete MasterLife Solutions for durable concrete2MasterLife Solutions for durable concrete Master Builders Solutions from BASF BASF’s Master ...

  • pdf, 3.13 Mb

MasterBrace FIB_TDS

MasterBrace ® FIB Unidirectional High Strength Fiber Fabrics for the MasterBrace Composite Strengthening System DESCRIPTION MasterBrace FIB are unidirectional fabric sheets of ...

  • pdf, 220.42 Kb

Waterproofing concrete in aggressive environments - Understanding the issue

Understanding the issues.2 6 Factors to Consider When Choosing www.masterseal-7000cr.basf.com Waterproofing concrete in aggressive environments – understanding the issues ...

  • pdf, 2.20 Mb

MasterSeal 729STR_TDS

MasterSeal ® 729STR SBS elastomeric bitumen-based torch-applied waterpr oofing membrane with anti-root property DESCRIPTION MasterSeal 729STR is an elastomeric modified ...

  • pdf, 217.78 Kb

MasterSeal 727ST_TDS

MasterSeal ® 727ST SBS elastomeric bitumen-based torch-applied waterpr oofing membrane with non-woven polyester reinforcement DESCRIPTION MasterSeal 727ST is an elastomeric ...

  • pdf, 219.10 Kb

MasterGlenium 3979_TDS

MasterGlenium ® 3979 Polycarboxylic Ether based superplasticizer for the production of high quality calcium sulphate screeds DESCRIPTION MasterGlenium 3979 is an innovative ...

  • pdf, 217.58 Kb

MasterSeal NP 474_TDS

MasterSeal ® NP 474 Resilient, durable primerless polyurethane sealant and adhesive DESCRIPTION MasterSeal NP 474 is a single component polyurethane based sealant for floor ...

  • pdf, 125.02 Kb

MasterSeal TC 242 TDS

MasterSeal ® TC 242 Solvent free, two component aromatic polyurethane coating for traffic decking applications DESCRIPTION MasterSeal TC 242 is a two component elastomeric ...

  • pdf, 41.66 Kb
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