Sustainability Tooltips - how to save energy and resources in your home, work and school environments

The EmiratesGBC Green Building Tooltips, sponsored by BASF, are a rich online resource serving to provide useful information on green building practices.

BASF's commitment towards sustainable practices

"The Green Building Tooltips by EmiratesGBC is a significant initiative that will further drive the ongoing activities by various industry stakeholders and the public in promoting sustainable built environments. As a leading provider of raw materials, systems and finish products to the construction industry, BASF delivers economically and ecologically sound solutions that facilitate high quality construction and improve building life expectancy. Through our support of the Tooltips, we are further underlining our commitment to the green vision of the UAE and the region."

John Frijns, Vice President Middle East, BASF

The Tooltips - why you should use them

The Tooltips allow you to behave and choose responsibly in your work, school and home environment and to save precious natural resources. In a very interactive way, you can browse through the different parts of a building and the tool will highlight the main areas of interest and provide recommendations. 

Tooltips - home

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The importance of sustainable construction

In addition to the efforts made by homeowners, the quality of the building itself will make a very big impact on resource savings. The quality of the construction materials and its origin and construction methods, will considerably affect the total carbon footprint of the structure before and during its utilization by end users.

The Master Builders Solutions portfolio of class-leading products for the construction industry unites a common principle: increased resource efficiency which allows for significant cost savings and a reduced ecological footprint. These benefits of advanced chemistry are proven by acknowledged measurement tools – we call it: 
Quantified Sustainable Benefits.

Improved resource efficiency chart

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